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ACOFFEE [ Melbourne, AU ]  

Orange | Wine | Blueberry

90% Narińo Washed - COLOMBIA
10% Yirgacheffe Natural - ETHIOPIA

250g - Whole beans

This is our house blend, used at Little Rogue and Shamble Coffee Brewers. Roasted by BW and the team at Acoffee, Collingwood. 

Seasonal Espresso feels light on the tongue with a fruity-sweetness and balanced flavour. The beans within this roast change with the seasons but the Acoffee team work to maintain its signature profile through rigorous testing and tasting throughout the year. 

*Off the shelf - It's available now and can be shipped out immediately. Roasted between last three to ten days.

^Next Roast - Place a preorder with our weekly Acoffee delivery. Orders placed by Sunday 3pm are shipped out on Thursday.