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ACOFFEE [ Melbourne , AU 
Orange | Cherry | Brown Sugar

Country Kenya 
Kaguyu - Embu County
Ruiru 11 SL-28, Batian variety, Washed
Altitude 1600-1700 masl
Processing Washed

Gicherori Factory is part of the Kibugu Farmer’s Cooperative Society. It was started in 1994. Current membership stands at 1,200. The area surrounding Gicherori area is densely populated has farmers who have planted 100 to 1,000 coffee stems.


Gicherori factory is situated at Kibugu location, Gicherori sub-location in Embu County. The factory treats all water in soak pits to ensure no contaminates run into the local waterways, which are a source for drinking water.

The community also places great importance on protecting the indigenous trees that remain in the area, so that the local bird life can be sustained.


The Gicherori Factory sits on the slopes of Mount Kenya in the Manyatta division of the Embu County. Rich volcanic soil, an annual rainfall of almost 2,000mm, and the abundance of SL 28 and SL 34 varieties all lend immense quality to the production of coffee in this specific area. In this county, smallholders deliver coffee in cherry to washing stations


After picking, the members delivers the fresh coffee berries to the mill, where they are depulped (the fruit skin and pulp is removed mechanically), then fermented in large tanks and washed with stored clean water.

The waste water is cleaned before being led back into nature, which is common at most mills. After washing, the coffee is dried on typical African raised beds that allow good air circulation between the beans. Beans are dried to between 11 and 13 % and then brought to the Central Kenya Coffee Mill in Nyeri for grading and sorting.