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Caballeros Honduras Filter


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Square Mile Coffee Roasters [ London ]

[Single Origin Filter - Caballeros] 350g
Honduras / Marcala / Washed Catuai / 1600 masl
Red Apple + Macadamia + Honeysuckle
*We recommend using this coffee up to 6 weeks from roast date.

The second coffee from the renowned Honduran Caballero family is a mixed washed lot, Caballeros. A perfect contrast to the previous Caballeros El Campo, this lot is a great example of the elegance and quality of washed Honduran coffees. A blend of various high scoring lots, too small to be on their own and mixed together at the mill after harvest, Caballeros is a beauty. Tasty, friendly and oh so delicious, notes of apple and macadamia are highlighted by its honeysuckle sweetness and smooth texture. Owning almost 200 hectares of land, Marysabel Caballero and her husband Moises Herrera have many small to medium farms located in Marcala, in the southeastern region of Honduras. Committed to excellence and quality, they've played a significant part in building the reputation of Honduran speciality grade coffees. Clean and balanced with a delectable flavour profile, we look forward to exploring more of what the Caballero family have to offer. A fantastic way to start your day, Caballeros is one to share!