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Colombia Loma Linda Filter

ACOFFEE [ Australia ] 
[Single Origin Filter - Finca Loma Linda] 250g
Colombia / Alto de la Cruz, Inza, Cauca
Yellow Bourbon + Caturra + Castillo
Altitude: 2050 masl
Liquorice + Nougat + Brown Sugar
*We recommend using this coffee up to 6 weeks from roast date. 
Neiver Hernan Medina Rojas owns the 1-hectare farm Finca Loma Linda, where he grows 3,800 trees of a few different varieties: Castillo, Caturra, and Yellow Bourbon. After picking the coffee ripe, he depulps the coffee, lets it ferment for 22 hours, and washes it clean of mucilage. The beans are laid to dry under the sun for 12 days.

This lot was an entrant in the first Inzá Cup competition hosted by Banexport, also known as Concurso de Cafes de Alta Calidad: Inzá-Cauca. Finca Loma Linda took third place in the contest.