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Juana Barrientos El Salvador Natural Filter

Manhattan Coffee Roasters [ The Netherlands ]

Tasting Notes :

[ Cherry Coke + Nashi Pear + Smooth ]
El Salvador
Producer Juana Barrientos
Farm Finca San Francisco
Micro Region Santa Ana
Altitude 1750masl
Variety Juana Kenia


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 We recommend using this coffee between 7 to 21 days from roast date.

Juana's farm Finca San Francisco is one of the highest reaching farms in El Salvador located at 1750masl on the Northern side of the Santa Ana volcano. Being geographically located on the north side means that the coffee plants have less daylight during the peak season giving the cherries a long and full maturation period. Ironically in the past when big-time investors were looking at coffee commodity for sale (and in turn large scale production) they would primarily focus on altitudes below 1600 meters as the conditions were too cool for high production agro-industrial coffee growing. This left space for cheaper investments in the upper reaches of Santa Ana which we today know for some of the most famous farms of El Salvador. The Kenia variety was a great solution to the environmental challenges that faced the producers of Santa Ana. The variety itself is extremely resistant to frost and cooler temperatures. Although the true genetics of the variety is unknown and not recognisably linked to the Scott Lab's varieties we typically see in Kenya (SL-28, Sl-34) it is understood that the coffee was acquired from Africa sometime in the 1920s or '30s.

The cup profile is definitely unique when it comes to Central American coffee's and is more vibrant and juicy than you would expect from a typical El Salvadorian bourbon for example. Juana herself is only a small producer that grows without any pesticides or fertiliser additionally and relies on the nationally protected rainforests to keep the soil condition consistent and healthy. She works hard with her son and daughters during the season to manage the farm and it shows in the cup for certain.

Expect notes of cherry coke and nashi pear with a smooth mouthfeel.