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La Bolsa Guatemalan Filter


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Square Mile Coffee Roasters [ London ]

[Single Origin Filter - La Bolsa] 350g
Guatemala / Huehuetenango / Washed Caturra, Bourbon
1850-1880 masl
Orange + Sultana + Chocolate
*We recommend using this coffee up to 6 weeks from roast date.

A tasty start to the day, smooth chocolate sprinkled with sweet orange and sticky sultana will have you back for more. Nestled between two mountains, the farm benefits from a stable yet humid microclimate complemented by fertile limestone soils giving La Bolsa its distinct profile and deep syrupy body. Owned by Jorge Vides, a medical professional and coffee producer extraordinaire, Jorge is not only renowned for his work in coffee within Huehuetenango; the main hospital in the region was named after him to honour his role in the community. When Jorge bought La Bolsa in 1958, he started growing coffee from scratch. Managed by his daughter Maria, La Bolsa has become a benchmark for excellence since taking part in their first Cup Of Excellence in 2002. Sweet, syrupy and a total treat, La Bolsa is a cup to savour!