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Worka Ethiopia Filter

ACOFFEE [ Australia ]
[Single Origin Filter - Worka] 250g
Ethiopia / Yirgacheffe / Washed Heirloom
Orange + Apricot + Warm Cherry
󠀠 󠀠
*We recommend using this coffee up to 6 weeks from roast date.
This fully washed coffee was grown and collected by smallholder producers that belong to the Worka Cooperative located in the Gedeb District, Gedeo Zone region of Ethiopia. Red cherry is picked and freshly sorted before pulping. Overripe and under-ripe beans are handpicked and separated before processing. Fresh red cherries are supplied to the washing stations. Coffees are pulped and allowed to ferment naturally. The fermented coffee is washed with clean running water, soaked in clean water and then dried to retain great aromatic complexity and intensity is expressed in Ethiopian coffees processed with a fully washed method.