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PANAMA Aracelly Estribi [filter]

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Manhattan Coffee Roasters [ Rotterdam, NL ]  

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Natural Geisha - Finca Santa Teresa, SANTA CLARA, PANAMA

This incredible natural geisha comes from the Finca Santa Teresa estate in Santa Clara. The team at Santa Teresa have long been involved in the global high end coffee market, but actually their primary sale is of large scale high quality traditional varieties (catuai and caturra).  Aracelly Estribi is one of the hardest working multifaceted employees at Finca Santa Teresa and she does everything from office management to exports and plays a crucial roll at the farm. As the farm expanded up to the higher reaches of Baru mountain it only seemed apt for the team to name a plot after Aracelly,  one that would come to produce some of their best coffee yet.

The coffee itself is tastefully crafted and when we first cupped it Esther actually shot off one of the highest scores we’ve ever seen on our tables at 96 points. The sheer balance of fruit,  a rich body, high quality acidity and a delicate yet complex florality make this coffee shine that little bit more than most.

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