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ETHIOPIA Worka Wuri [espresso]

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Manhattan Coffee Roasters [ Rotterdam, NL ]  

Blueberry | Floral | Lemon Meringue

Anaerobic Natural Dega + Heirloom + Kadhumi+ Wolisho

250g - Whole beans

This coffee comes by way of the BNT trading company in Ethiopia. BNT established itself as an innovator in the Ethiopian coffee world, working with Berg Wu (Taiwanese World Barista Champion in 2016) to develop it’s take on the anaerobic natural process by working with the Worka Wuri washing station based within the kebele of Worka Sakaro, in Gedeb. BNT has the vision to be ‘leaders in innovation and quality among coffee producers and exporters while caring for the environment’.  Since it’s incorporation in 2002, BNT has taken many steps to live up to that statement: The company is paying significant quality premiums to the 750-850 small farm holders and has invested in infrastructure to build local educational facilities.

Their growth has enabled them to offer the same quality and skill in processing as other neighbouring regions in Ethiopia. At intake, employees at the privately owned washing station visually inspect the cherry and accept only fully ripe cherries for anaerobic fermentation. These are then tightly packed in GrainPro bags and sealed shut. Starved of any new oxygen, the cherries then ferment anaerobically for 18 to 24 hours. After fermentation the cherries are carefully removed from bags and laid out in thin layers on raised beds to dry directly under sunlight. Workers turn the cherry frequently to ensure even drying for 2 to 3 weeks until fully dried.

The local varieties of coffee all have their own unique characteristics endemic to that area. With the recent undertaking of thorough disambiguation work throughout the wider coffee world, we now know that ‘heirloom’ in Yirgacheffe will heavily feature Dega, Wolisho and Kudhume.

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