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Manhattan Coffee Roasters [ Rotterdam, NL ]
Cantaloupe | Gooseberry | Sherry

Producer Janette Janson
Farm Janson Family Estate
Micro Region Volcan
Altitude 1200 masl
Variety Green tip Geisha
Aerobic Natural


Coming from Volcan Panama we are extremely excited to offer this hybrid aerobic natural Geisha from the Janson Family estate. The Janson family estate have a long history in coffee in the Volcan region of Panama. They have farmed a range of varieties of coffee for over 70 years including San Bernadina and Catimor in the early days. Since the mid 90’s and the discovery of Geisha, Michael and Calle Janson committed to replanting their farms with flavour and quality as a priority, focusing primarily on three varieties Caturra, Catuai and Geisha.

This special lot comes from Janette Jansons personal farm Finca Ceriana which is in the vicinity of the Hacienda farms at the lower altitude of Janson family estates. Her farm in particular has extreme bio diversity which helps keep the soil rich and fertile as well as the geisha shrubs shaded during the more oppressively hot days of the Panamanian summer where harvest takes place as it’s deep within the surrounding nature reserve. Depending on how you want to look at it this is one of the rarest coffee’s we will be releasing this year as Janette has decided to move away from coffee production and into other agricultures.

This particular lot of coffee has been through some rather unusual processing due to the mid harvest rains earlier this year. For three days straight in January there was a large heavy rain system that came through Volcan and greater Panama meaning that this lot needed to be dried both mechanically and on the patio. We believe that the large volume in the low temperature static dryer created an environment that both extended the fermentation and oxidation of the coffee at the same time accentuating the tropical fruit and sherry characteristics before it reached the patio.

This is likely the last time ever that you will be able to taste geisha from finca Ceriana.

Expect notes of cantaloupe, gooseberry and sherry