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NICARAGUA Mama Mina [espresso]

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Manhattan Coffee Roasters [ Rotterdam, NL ]  

7up | Rosehip | White Peach


250g - Whole beans

Mama Mina is named after the great grandmother of Erwin Jr (our contact point for Mierisch) Mina McEwan. The farm was purchased in 2012 and was initially called La Minita, however that name was already taken by another very famous Costa Rican coffee farm, so the family decided to rename it to Mama Mina. The farm is located inside the Arenal Nature Reserve in the Matagalpa department. Due to it’s very unique micro-climate the farm experiences fog for over 60% of the day which means the farm “auto-shades” The farm then does not require many shade trees and the fog also creates cooler temperatures which leads to slower maturation of the cherries.

Ethiosar itself  is a hybrid’s hybrid. It’s a cross between a Sudan Rume with Sarchimore (which is itself a cross between a Timor and Villa Sarchi). This offspring is then crossed again with Villa Sarchi (a dwarf mutation of Bourbon from Costa Rica). This complex genetic diversity gives the variety strong resistance to coffee leaf rust, high production yields (compared to Caturra for example) and a vibrant cup profile.

Ethiosar lots from Fincas Mierisch are always exceptional on the cupping table and a recent lot from their Los Placeres farm scored 90.3 points at the Los Favoritos private collection auction. Our specially commissioned lot of Erwins Ethiosar may be just as good and we were shocked with how clean and vibrant this coffee is. It’s sparkling, lively and a great example of what washed coffee ‘should’ be.

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