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Salvio Marcos Lodi [filter]

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Manhattan Coffee Roasters [ Rotterdam, NL ]
‎Fudge | Oreo | Cream
Farm Sitio Shekina
Producer Salvio Marcos Lodi
Micro Region Sul de Minas
Altitude 1100masl
Variety Mundo Novo
Anaerobic pulp natural


This coffee is coming by way of Salvio Marcos Lodi in the Sul de Minas region. Salvio's story starts with his grandfather who originally had a very small cattle farm, managing around 10 Holstein cows over 60 years ago. What he realised quickly was that cows take a lot of attention and work so he moved into coffee production. At first his plot was about 280 square meters but not long after he had expanded the coffee plantation to 4 hectares.

Salvio's father gifted him 2600 coffee trees as he grew into a young man and when, sadly his father passed away, he took over the entire operation in 2012. Since then Salvio has been driven by continual improvement and organic farming as well as focussing on new technologies and reinvestment to take his crops to the next level. His primary lots are dried on suspended raised beds now and he’s working with EMATERs Certifica to improve his farming practises and overcome the agroindustrial style of farming that is expected of a lot of Brazilian farms in his region.

This coffee is the first Mondo Novo variety we’ve ever stocked and it’s an absolute eye waterer. When we first had it on the cupping table it was without a doubt a cup of Oreo cookies and we had to commend Salvio on his work.

Fudge, Oreo and pouring cream are what you’re going to taste in the cup!