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ETHIOPIA Shantawene [filter]

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Manhattan Coffee Roasters [ Rotterdam, NL ]  

Blueberry | Elderflower | Lemon

Washed Mikicho + 72/158 + 74/110, SIDAMA, ETHIOPIA

This lovely Ethiopian has come by way of Asefa Dukamo, who manages the Bombe processing station. It is not the first time we’ve had a coffee from the Bombe washing station and it will definitely not be the last!

Asefa, his family and producers have for years worked towards more traceability of coffees through going from regional lots to smallholder and village lots as well as individual washing stations.

Asefa got a certification that insured that the producers received a guaranteed minimum price which was higher then the average as a starting earning and additional payout with delivery of a high quality cup and the total sales of the harvest.

*Off the shelf - It's available now can be shipped out immediately. Roasted between last five to twelve days.

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