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Ture Waji [espresso]

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Manhattan Coffee Roasters [ Rotterdam, NL ]
Strawberry | Blueberry | Pear
Roasted for Espresso 
Producer Small farm holders
Station Raro Nansebo
Micro Region Guji, Urago
Altitude 2100-2350 masl
Variety Heirloom


Ture Waji, famously known as ‘The King of Guji’, is the owner of Sookoo Coffee, located in the Woredas of Uraga and Shakisso. He has strong connections to the land, its community and farmers, as he grew up in the region. After studying, he started as an export and farm manager at his cousin’s coffee farm and company Mormora, and later, at Guji Highlands Coffee. He was able to start Sookoo Coffee (previously Dambi Uddo), thanks to the trade and coffee liberalization in Ethiopia, building his first washing station and exporting his first coffee under his own brand in 2018.

The word Laayyoo refers to the indigenous tree growing in this area, used for shade on coffee plantations. Its deep roots allow for the falling leaves to offer rich, nutrient dense compost, acting also as a fertilizer for the coffee.

Ture Waji takes time between harvests to educate farmers on good agricultural practices to help improve the quality of their cherry. His company provides pre-harvest loans to farmers who, for example, need to pay labor to do maintenance on the farm, such as weeding and planting. Although there is not a a direct relation it’s speculated this access to finance should mean that smallholder farmers need to draw less upon their family members, including their children. The washing stations employ a ‘woman-first’ policy and the company has built a school for the children.

Farmers generally deliver cherry to the washing station at night, so that the possibility of fermentation in between harvest in the afternoon, and delivery at night is minimized. At the station, the cherries still go through an extensive sorting process to remove over and under ripes. While the coffee is still fresh, it is laid out on Raro Nansebo station’s African beds to be dried in the full sun. Sookoo Coffee upholds a maximum layer density of 4cm and moves the cherries around on the beds 6 times per day. This minimizes the potential for over fermentation during drying, as well as the potential for defects. Total drying time for lots produced using the Sookoo Coffee processing protocol is 21-28 days.

This coffee is a steadfast example of solid processing and attention to detail.

Expect notes of strawberry, blueberry and ripe pear.